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About the School

about 1 year ago

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement at LHS is to ensure student success by providing the best educational opportunities through technology and collaborative learning in a safe environment to promote a college and career ready graduate. 

Vision Statement 

To provide a high quality education to all students through project based learning and the 1:1 technology initiative promoting critical thinking skills, communication skills, and creativity skills molding a college and career ready student.

LHS Motto

L - Learning

H - How to be

S - Successful

Guiding Principles

Lincoln High School is a community of learners who:

  • Promote and value quality instruction by providing meaningful, engaging, and challenging work.
  • Focus on high achievement for all students.
  • Celebrate all achievements for each individual.
  • Provide opportunities to meet the individual needs of all learners.
  • Value all individuals and their contributions.
  • Work together to accomplish our core purpose.
  • Provide positive role models with high expectations.
  • Exhibit actions that reflect integrity.
  • Practice flexibility in our learning communities.
  • Communicate positively with all.
  • Provide everyone a clean, comfortable, safe, and distraction-free environment conducive to learning.
  • Foster responsibility, respectfulness, and resourcefulness in the school community.
  • Provide appropriate instruction in adequate time.
  • Provide all students with diverse cultural aesthetic and academic experiences.
  • Promote, value, and cultivate leadership for all members in the school community.
  • Participate in systemic staff development to provide continuous school improvement.Instill pride in each individual, school, and community.


The Goals of LHS are...

1.      Implement an effective, challenging, and energized curriculum that promotes academic excellence and aesthetic appreciation for each student.

2.      Expand, improve, and maintain school facilities in order to provide a positive and productive learning environment.

3.      Foster a positive image of the Talladega County Schools.

4.      To integrate technology into the school.

5.      To provide alternate programs to meet needs of at risk students.

6.      Develop an equitable, adequate funding base within Talladega County.

7.      Enhance instruction and services for students by implementing a more effective and challenging staff development program.

Alma Mater

Lincoln High, Dear Alma Mater

To thee our love we bring

To our happy school day memories

We will always sing.

Steadfast, loyal, ever true

To thee we'll always be

Gold and Black will reign forever

In our hearts to thee